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iSWEEP Billet Aluminum Oil Pan • EA888.2/3

iSWEEP Billet Aluminum Oil Pan • EA888.2/3

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The iSWEEP EA888 aluminum oil pan is a billet engine oil pan made from 6061-T6 aluminum by CNC machining. The design places cooling fins on the entire lower surface of the oil pan to demonstrate the cooling effect of air cooling, so that the engine oil temperature is stabilized under severe driving conditions such as at the race track.

Also, the oil capacity can be increased by about 1 liter. A baffle that suppresses the bias of the oil is placed inside the oil pan to prevent oil from shifting even when cornering the circuit where a strong lateral G is applied, enabling a stable oil supply.

Drain bolts are placed in two places on the left and right sides of the oil pan, making it possible to completely drain the old oil inside the oil pan. A genuine oil level sensor can be installed in the same way as a genuine oil pan.

Since the service port is located on the side, you can easily attach an externally manufactured oil thermometer by replacing it with the included 1 / 8TP sensor adapter.

  • CNC Machined from solid 6061-T6 Aluminum Billet
    While others use casting or welded sheet metals, utilizing billet material eliminates the chance of failure from material defects such as poor manufacturing tolerance, casting porosity, welding imperfection, and structural warpage.
  • Integrated Cooling Fins
    This feature helps to cool and stabilize engine oil temperature, keeping it from spiking during harsh driving conditions at the race track. It also adds structural strength against grounding due to road hazards.
  • Compartmentalize Baffling
    This feature is designed to prevent oil slushing around during hard cornering, ensuring stable oil supply around the pick-up area.
  • Increased Oil Capacity
    The slightly larger oil pan accommodates an extra 1 quart/liter (0.26 gal) of oil capacity. The additional oil helps with both temperature control and stabilize oil supply.
  • Factory Oil Level Sensor Mounting Provision
    OEM oil level sensor mounts directly on the iSWEEP oil pan. Its position is adjusted to sense the additional 1 quart/liter of motor oil, a good warning system like your fuel gauge. When the oil level warning goes off you still have a good buffer before the oil actually goes below the factory recommended level.
  • Dual Drain Plug
    The perfect feature for DIY. Most do not have a lift at home and constraint to limited working space. So for self-doer that only able to jack the car up from one side of the car, the dual drain ports allow you to use the lowest position one for complete drainage.
  • Oil Temperature Gauge Port
    Includes provision for the oil temperature gauge that is included with the kit. Just replace the solid plug with the included 1/8 TP adapter.
  • OEM+ Size
    iSWEEP oil pan sits above subframe and compatible with factory plastic undertray. No modification, straight bolt-on using factory screws and gasket. Compatible with all iSWEEP chassis braces.
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