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Anti-Sway Bar Billet End Links | Front SPEC-B • R55/R56/R57/R58/R59

Anti-Sway Bar Billet End Links | Front SPEC-B • R55/R56/R57/R58/R59

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NM Eng. SPEC-B front sway bar link kit is designed specifically to pair Coilover systems that relocate the sway bar link arms to a lower position; such as KW, JRZ, and other race-spec kits. The SPEC-B links are 1.5" shorter compared to OEM ones.

NM Engineering’s new Front Adjustable Sway Bar Links provide three benefits:

  • Direct transmission of suspension movements to the sway bar
  • On lowered vehicles, allows repositioning of the sway bar to a neutral position
  • Can eliminate sway bar pre-loading to compensate for poorly manufactured sway bars

Everything starts with the material – after all, it is the foundation of the part. NM Engineering did not skimp here, as these links are precision CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum here in California. Because this is a high-stress part, 7075 was chosen due to the fact it has the same tensile strength as steel, yet is much lighter. Just to compare, 7075-T6 has almost twice the tensile strength compared to 6061-T6.

Another benefit of 7075-T6 is it allows NM Engineering to machine or turn-down the centers of the links to save weight and stay clear of the brake lines and brake pad sensor wires. To give you an idea of how thin the link is, the centers of the NM links are thinner than a standard AA battery.

NM’s links also utilize precision CNC machined stainless steel ball-joint spacers, as stainless steel is stronger and more durable than 6061 aluminum alloy. To maximize adjustability, NM chose a special thin jam nut which allows an additional ¼" of adjustment compared to others being sold in the market.

The length of the front and rear links compensate for lowered vehicles to allow the sway bar arms to sit in a neutral position relative to the swingarm. The length of the rear links are 25mm shorter, and the fronts are 12mm longer compared to OE links. This is also the solution for enthusiasts out there with coil-over suspension that lower the ride height more than 1.5". 

A quick note on the materials we use…whether it is 6061-T6 or 7075-T6, all the materials we purchase are certified. We will NEVER buy uncertified scrap or overrun materials from metal/alloy vendors.

Material Strength Data:

Tensile (KSI)
Yield (KSI)
4130 Chromoly


NM Engineering’s Front Adjustable Sway Bar Links will not yield like their OE counterparts making sure that all suspension movements are transmitted to the sway bar for maximum performance. This part is a must especially on lowered vehicles or cars equipped with aftermarket sway bars.


 Finish: Type III Hard Anodize

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