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APEX ARC-8 Wheel

APEX ARC-8 Wheel

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APEX ARC-8 wheels have become one of the most sought after wheels for both track and street, and with good reason. They're light, strong, and are specifically designed to fit your BMW. Plus, they just happen to have a classic design that never looks old.

The split-spoke design of the ARC-8 has been used in performance wheel design for decades, as it provides a superior compromise between strength and weight, resulting in an ideal choice for a street or track wheel. All APEX wheels incorporate a BMW-specific hubcentric design, so they're a direct fit designed specifically for you. 

The APEX ARC-8 wheel achieves its combination of strength, light weight, and affordability through flow-forming technology. By flow-forming the wheel, weight is reduced in the barrel through a process sometimes referred to as "roll forging." Roll forging, while not the same as the traditional forging, is superior to regular casting. The rolling process occurs under extreme pressure, yielding a barrel that is stronger than a standard cast wheel, with certain material properties that are similar to a standard forged wheel. This added barrel strength allows for a reduction in overall wheel weight, while not sacrificing any of the strength you'd expect from durable flow-formed wheels.

Thanks to its lightweight barrel and robust face design, the ARC-8 stands up well against the rigors of endurance racing, as well as your average street potholes. ARC8 17" wheels carry a 1,450lb load rating; ARC8 18" have a 1,550lb load rating.


  • Split spoke design - superior strength and reduced weight 
  • Flow-formed, roll forged barrel - superior strength and reduced weight 
  • Excellent clearance for aftermarket big brake kits 
  • APEX logo center cap included
  • Accepts OEM BMW center caps 
  • Accepts factory lugs, wheel locks, or stud conversions 
  • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) compatible - not included

Priced per wheel (individually).

Note: Not all colors are available for all wheels. Contact us if a wheel & color combination is not listed.

These wheels, like many wheels, are not compatible with 10mm wheel spacers, which have inherent design limitations that prevent them from sitting flush. If 10mm spacers are called for we recommend using 12mm instead. The difference is minuscule.

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