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P-FLO Air Intake Kit • PQ46 2.0L EA888.3B TSI

P-FLO Air Intake Kit • PQ46 2.0L EA888.3B TSI

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The plastic factory airbox is good at muffling intake noise and enhancing low rpm/low-speed engine performance but becomes very restrictive when the engine is operating in the higher rpm range – where most performance drivers need it.

The NEUSPEED P-Flo kit now offers a choice of two filter types: the time proven oiled multi-layer cotton gauze air filter that is washable and reusable or the new dry paper media filter.

Dry filter features:

  • A disposable Filter that will not sacrifice performance.
  • Comparable airflow to our Oiled Cotton Filters with the same Great Protection.
  • Last for up to 30,000 miles of highway driving. Extend the life of the filter using compressed air to clean off excessive debris.

After months of development, NEUSPEED has determined that the only significant restriction in the OE intake is the airbox. As a result, the MAF location and original intake tract remain the same.


NEUSPEED P-Flo is the #1 most sought-after Audi / VW intake for having the best performance, quality, and fit from our dealers worldwide!

Fits: 2018-up Volkswagen Passat 2.0L EA888.3B (Budack-cycle) 2.0L TSI

CARB Exempt: Executive Order D-236-25

To determine if your vehicle is air pump equipped there would be a 1 1/4" tube on a 90-degree fitting located on the front side of the air filter box lid.

PZEV & SULEV vehicles need to select secondary air pump.

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