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P-FLO Air Intake Kit • Turbo/Abarth

P-FLO Air Intake Kit • Turbo/Abarth

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The-F P-FLO kit is a remarkable open-air-box intake system that comes with a washable, high-performance air filter element. The package also includes turbo inlet tubing made from durable 5-layer high-temp silicone material, providing heat resistance and rigidity.

What sets this kit apart is that it retains the OEM engine cover, maintaining that factory-clean appearance while doubling as a source for fresh ram-air to the intake.

Installing the Neu-F P-FLO kit offers a multitude of benefits. Experience improved throttle response and quicker engine revving, as this kit eliminates restrictions and baffling that were present in the OE air box. Enjoy a deeper intake sound that will surely turn heads, along with a more pronounced turbo 'blow-off' sound.

Important to note, the Neu-F P-FLO Intake Kit is CARB Exempt (2012-14 MY), meaning it not only complies with the stringent emission standards of California but is also suitable for other states that adopt similar guidelines.

Elevate your driving experience with the exceptional Neu-F P-FLO Intake Kit.

CARB Exempt: Executive Order # D-236-22




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