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Short Shift Adapter • 500/Turbo/Abarth

Short Shift Adapter • 500/Turbo/Abarth

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Neu-F's Patent Pending short shift adapter is made utilizing CNC machined Chromoly Steel. This material is known for its high Rockwell hardness which gives the adapter its strength and rigidity. Another good characteristic of Chromoly is its material density and weight. The heavy and solid adapter acts like a counterweight, giving the forward/aft shifting motion a much smoother feel, eliminating notchy gear engagement.

Since our kit is a mere adapter and not a complete lever, it naturally costs a lot less to machine compared to the full lever kit currently available on the market. Also, by not having to replace the entire assembly like our other competitor's products, the installation procedure will be much simpler. With fewer parts to remove, this reduces the chances of damaging stock components. The entire installation procedure can be done within one (1) hour or less.

Neu-F Short Shift Adapter reduces 25% of shift travel, which is about the maximum before the ball linkage starts contacting and damaging the center console.

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