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Torsion Bar | Rear 28mm • Abarth

Torsion Bar | Rear 28mm • Abarth

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The Fiat 500 turbo/Abarth's rear suspension does not have a common 'sway bar' because, technically, no part of it is connected to the subframe. We call this a torsion bar because it works by countering any twisting motion on Fiat's rear axle beam (and not independent) suspension.

Neu-F 28mm rear torsion bar is the perfect upgrade from the 22mm stock diameter bar. Its diameter has enough size jump to actually make a difference and keep the back-end flat. This will essentially help to induce more oversteer. If you drive your Turbo Fiat as it meant to be driven, then you need this bar to take the handling to the next level. Featuring powder-coated aerospace-grade steel material with remarkable shape memory, and knurled ends for solid mounting.

The Neu-F Bars will improve cornering potential due to increased front/rear roll stiffness that offers definite track and autocross advantage over stock anti-roll bars. An increased slip angle will allow power to be applied earlier during corner exit.



Neu-F Red powder-coated 28mm solid bar.

Torsion Bar Rate:

  • 150% increase over the original 22mm bar.

Torsion Bar Weights:

  • Stock 8.8 lbs.
  • Neu-F 13.95 lbs.
  • Example: 1 Breakfast Burrito 2 lbs.

Designed and engineered in Camarillo, California. Proudly manufactured in the USA.

Actual part is shown in the photo.

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