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Front Mount Intercooler • GTI Mk7/Mk7.2

Front Mount Intercooler • GTI Mk7/Mk7.2

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NEUSPEED's Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) kit for the VW MK7/MK7.2 GTI requires absolutely no cutting or trimming of the metal bumper structure or bumper cover, only the plastic air deflectors. Kit includes intercooler with rubber isolator mounting, billet mounting brackets, silicone hoses, "T" bolt hose clamps, and all necessary mounting hardware. 

Don't be fooled from bias forum websites, if you're looking for max HP and air charge cooling from an FMIC that works then NEUSPEED is the one to get.

The highly efficient cast aluminum end-tanks and bar-and-plate core design place this FMIC kit well above others currently in the market, especially compared to the inferior ‘factory’ style upgrades. ‘Factory’ style intercooler system is sandwiched between two hot radiators; A/C condenser and coolant radiator. On top of its limited exposure by the grill opening (bumper covers half of the factory intercooler’s active surface), the restricted location behind A/C condenser, and constant radiant heat from the two radiators make the factory style intercooler extremely inefficient – Simply common sense! There's a reason why racecars use 'Front' mount and not 'Middle' mount.

NEUSPEED FMIC fills the lower bumper opening with its twice-thick core and sits in front of the two radiators exposing it first hand to cool and unrestricted airflow makes this FMIC kit the ultimate forced-induction cooling system!


CARB Exempt. EO# D-236-21

  • Does not fit vehicles with forward collision sensor in lower grill.
  • Outside North America: steel bumper structure trimming required.
  • North America GTI has SAI.
  • Parts are shown in the photo.
  • Standard Natural Aluminum (no coating)
  • Optional Black Heat Emitting Coating
  • Stage 1 - 23.5"x 6.5"x 3"
  • Stage 2 - 26" x 6.5" x 3"


  • 2015-2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7 / Mk7.2 2.0L TSI
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