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Big Brake Upgrade Kit | Macan • MQB

Big Brake Upgrade Kit | Macan • MQB

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The NEUSPEED Macan Brake Upgrade Kit provides big improvements for those upgrading their factory brake systems to the Porsche Macan Caliper Kit. This upgrade kit offers our Full-Floating, Two-Piece 345mm Brake Rotors, iSweep Performance Brake Pads in various compounds to meet your needs, and our famous made-to-order Stainless Steel Sport Brake Lines.

This brake kit is specifically designed for Audi/VW (VAG) MQB Mk7 vehicles using factory Porsche Macan 95B 4-Piston Front Calipers:

Porsche caliper part #:

  • 95B-615-123-F
  • 95B-615-124-F

Benefits of using a Full-Floating 2-Piece Rotor are reduced weight, lower risk of warping, increased airflow, better heat management/dissipation, and cost savings over time.

Aluminum, by nature, weighs much less than a cast-iron rotor (factory type). With an aluminum center, this weight savings is unsprung and rotating. You can expect shorter stopping distances, quicker acceleration, better handling and cornering, and even improved fuel economy!

Along with reducing weight, our Full-Floating 2-Piece rotors also help with heat dissipation. Since the center of the rotor (hat) is not one piece with the ring, heat transfer is minimized. So, instead of it being one large steel disc that retains heat built up over time, the outer ring deals with heat maintenance while the inner hat can do its job at holding everything together.

The cast-iron disc can expand radially, or outwards, relative to the aluminum hat. The cast-iron disc will heat up (can reach more than 1100 degrees Fahrenheit), while the aluminum hat remains cool. Because of this, they're less likely to warp or crack from excessive heat.


At NEUSPEED, we're known for our custom brake lines and brake line fittings. Others make stainless steel "braided" brake lines, but they still use steel fittings which can easily corrode over time. NEUSPEED lines are the only ones in the US that utilize full stainless steel fittings, not just the hose.

For this Macan upgrade kit, we specially design the swivel fitting on the caliper side so the hose has a correct angle for the MK5/6/7 to eliminate any binding. Others just sell the extended version male fitting that is commonly used for Audi 8K/B8 models.


We have everything, from super-clean IS1500 street, all the way to Endurance race compound! All made in Japan backed with iSweep quality. iSweep street pads also feature a provision for brake wear sensor, no bypass is needed.


    • Rotor Size: 345x30mm
    • Rotor Weight: 18.2 lbs. - (OEM: 26.6 lbs.)
    • 7075-T6 Alloy Hat (compared to competitors 6061-T6)
    • Stainless Steel D-Bobbin Hardware
    • Slotted Pattern, Directional and Curved Veins
    • 1x Left 345x30mm Full-Floating 2-Piece Slotted Rotor
    • 1x Right 345x30mm Full-Floating 2-Piece Slotted Rotor
    • 1x Set of NEUSPEED Stainless Steel Sport Brake Lines
    • 1x Set of iSweep Performance Brake Pads (Optional)
    • 1x Set of NEUSPEED Grade 5 Titanium Brake Pad Shims
    • Kit does NOT include wear sensor or sensor bypass
    • See sensor options below
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