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HI-FLO Turbo Discharge Hose | K04 • PQ35 2.0L TSI EA888.1/2

HI-FLO Turbo Discharge Hose | K04 • PQ35 2.0L TSI EA888.1/2

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Many K04 turbos for the 2.0L TSI engines that are currently in the market today do not come with the proper outlet hose. Some hoses are too short, and some kits don't include a hose at all.

This hose kit is the ultimate fix! It is designed to work with the NEUSPEED K04 HI-FLO Turbo Discharge Pipe or others with 2.25" diameter tubing.

Most, if not all K04 for EA888.1/2 TSI engines will have a 2.0" or 50mm turbo outlet; but unfortunately, most of them have different fitting positions. For this reason, we supply the hose longer and un-cut so the installer can trim it and precisely connect the turbo to the discharge pipe.


  • 2.0" ID turbo end, 2.25" ID discharge pipe end
  • The actual part is shown in the photo.


  • 5-Ply Silicone Hose (4 fiber layers)
  • 9.0" available length on each end
  • Stainless-Steel T-Bolt Clamps


  • 2008.5-UP Audi / VW transverse 2.0 TSI engines (CCTA/CBFA) with aftermarket K04 turbo kit.
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