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Downpipe-Back Exhaust System • F56

Downpipe-Back Exhaust System • F56

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NM Eng. exhaust systems are constructed from 100% aerospace quality T304 stainless steel – inside and out. Large diameter 3" tubing and low restriction stainless steel resonator are carefully designed to reduce weight and meet State noise restriction standards. polished muffler and tips, CNC mandrel bends, precise fit flanges, and mounting hangers are standard on every NM exhaust system. 10~14 HP gain.


NM F56 Downpipe-Back Exhaust System features noise cancellation or Helmholtz rear canister. It is engineered to cancel out low-frequency resonance, or some call it droney sound that typically exists on partial throttle freeway speed driving. With the low-frequency vibration almost completely eliminated, the system is now left well-rounded, with a touch of raspiness, exhaust note throughout the entire power/rpm band. At sport mode, the 3-inch diameter tubing and the rear canister design also accentuate the notorious F-Chassis burble and popping sound.

This system starts right after the downpipe at the factory v-band clamp. Complete bolt-on system without any cutting. The system also features dual 100mm (4") polished dual-wall tips.


FITS NORTH AMERICA MODELS ONLY! NON-US application requires slight fabrication to this system, not to the car's tubing.

For off-road or competition use only.

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