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Shifter Assembly Box Cover • R-Chassis

Shifter Assembly Box Cover • R-Chassis

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A short shift kit is one of the 'must-haves' in improving your Mini motoring experience. Unfortunately, any short-shift kit upgrades do not allow anyone to retain the assembly box cover due to the extended ball linkage sitting below the cover line. Most leave the cover out completely and some made a cut-out just big enough so the linkage can move freely. Either way, the mechanicals inside the assembly box is exposed to outside elements which can cause dirt/dust buildup as well as interior air and sound pollution.

This is NM's solution to the problem. We modify OEM's ABS cover and add a powder-coated aluminum 'box' over it to cover the cut out sealing the entire inside of the assembly box.


Since MINI has discontinued the OEM cover production we are now offering this as a DIY kit. 

Application: All Gen 2 Mini with manual transmission

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